User-Centric Security

User-Centric Security describes the holistic unification of objects such as users, data and devices. BitFence™ BAiAA© protects sensitive information by enforcing user-level policies controlled by functional classification mapping. User, data and device classification must be performed for User-Centric security to thrive.

BitFence BAiAA User-Centric security will:

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information
  • Enhance group access policies
  • Prevent data breaches and leakage
  • Provide administrative tools for security management deployment


BAiAA File Access Control

Inappropriate access or changes to the file system, whether intentional or not, could put an organization at risk of data loss, a security breach or non-compliance.

BAiAA File Access Control continuously monitors file access and authorization in real-time and blocks inappropriate file access in compliance with the user-centric policy. It makes it easy to see what’s happening with company data so the IT department or management can act when inappropriate or suspicious activity is detected. Depending on the severity of the inappropriate activity, the user’s account can be suspended temporarily or indefinitely until the IT department or management acts.

BAiAA Email Classification

According to world census, about 75% of data security incidents originate from human error rather than deliberate Cyber attacks and nearly 40% of these belong to confidential information sent to wrong recipients.

BAiAA Email Classification automatically classifies the content and ensures that classified Emails are not sent to inappropriate recipients. If the Email violates any security policy, BAiAA blocks or warns the user and provides remediation options to prevent potential data breaches


Activities such as file access or Email are monitored in real time and reports can be generated and accessed at any time through a web portal to perform audits.


Whenever anomalous behavior is encountered such as unusual file accesses or Email activity an alert is generated and an automatic email is sent to the concerned entity.

BAiAA’s Ai has the ability to study and analyze user behavioral patterns and determine how much risk the user poses to the organization and neutralize the risk by suspending / deactivating the account temporarily / indefinitely.

BAiAA Discovery

  • Identifies all the files in file servers / remote shares and users from local machines / active directory.
  • Identifies classified information and provides recommendations based on the available security policies.
  • Identifies possible redundancies so that duplicate information can be removed/deleted to have a better manageability and prevent possible breach of security.
  • Identifies inactive data / users so that appropriate action can be taken like archiving / deleting unused data and deactivating / deleting stale accounts etc.