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Digital transformation tailored to your unique cyber security posture.

Cyber security posturing can be a complicated process, especially when the threats are continuously morphing and rapidly overwhelming the organization’s security posture. Being able to accurately determine your organization’s current state of Cyber security, and prepare the organization through the transitory state and future state is essential if you want to keep bad actors at bay now and in the future.

At BitFence, we’ve worked with clients with a wide range of Cyber security requirement. Our expertise allows us to quickly understand the intricacies of your Cyber security posturing, helping you save time, money and headaches. While our experience is extensive, we work particularly well with…


Public Sector

More and more we hear about incidents where personal records have been lost, stolen, or simply misplaced. But let’s face it; nobody’s perfect. Mistakes happen all the time, particularly when policy enforcement lies in the hands of thousands of employees responsible for handling vast amounts of data. The BitFence User-Centric solution protects sensitive information from threats for all levels of government, including large federal agencies and military to smaller municipal factions. Whether your organization is part of the government or works with a government department, BitFence provides protection against both internal and external anomalies.

Private Sector

The BitFence User-Centric solution offers complete flexibility and customization based on an organization’s unique requirements. We work with you to determine what tools are best suited to protect your critical assets, reputation and bottom line. Classification and policy models are easily developed to seamlessly integrate with your existing environment. Big data continues to grow at an exponential rate, so do the challenges of protecting it. Whether it’s personal identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, partner or trade secrets, BitFence provides the means to limit those who are privy.


Nothing is more confidential than the doctor-patient or nurse-patient relationship. We utilize these services under the strictest levels of confidence. As we move further into the digital era, healthcare records are taking on an electronic structure, privacy issues are a growing concern. Just like any other industry, healthcare boasts a variety of functional roles ranging from surgeons to administration and accounting. Access to information is becoming more mobile as we see an increase in personal care workers, retirement and nursing homes. But what safeguards are being implemented to ensure patient records remain confidential and secure? The BitFence User-Centric approach governs accessibility and protects these digital records regardless of occupation, location or device.